Love the illustrations in thr new #specsavers leaflet.
“I can’t wear contact lenses and other myths about contact lenses”
#advertisement (at St John’s Wood)

Perks of living very close to Abbey Road: @shayooomb gets her Beatles merchandise. Here’s to you, sister ♡ (at Beatles Coffee Shop St. John’s Wood Station)

I decided that for me, Home is where your loved ones are.

Be blessed everyone. Hope your Ramadan is paving a way to a better you. A “you” that is more forgiving, more patient, more compassionate, and more giving.

2014. It has been difficult to cope with unpleasant circumstances and the feeling of helplessness that comes along with them. It is impossible for me to get past the feeling that something terrible is about to unfold. I feel so drained.

Every night, while looking outside this very same window, I remind myself: you are in good hands, God is looking after you, it is all written… But I am human. I decided that it is ok to be not ok. Most days, I smile. Some days, I grow weary of wearing a face that says: I’m past it, I’m over it, it’s all good now. Well, it is not. And it might not be for a while. And it is OK. Days go by.

Days. Go. By.

(at My room - St Johns Wood Park Road)

مبروك عليكم الشهر.

Ramadan Mubarak from Amma and I.

This will be the first time I spend Ramadan far from my family and loved ones. Too much miss-ing. (at Wellington Hospital, London)

Little Munchkins sent letters to Amma. This is Sahooly’s. Munchkin No2 #precious (at Wellington Hospital, London)